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Astroport. The future of trading

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Hovering above the
Terra ecosystem, Astroport is a neutral marketplace where anyone, from anywhere in the galaxy
can dock to trade their wares.
Decentralized, permissionless and open-source, Astroport’s marketplace is a public good governed by its community of
token holders.
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Get paid up to $3,000,000

if you discover bugs and vulnerabilities on Astroport.



  • Programmable liquidity
  • All-new Rust code
  • Oracle integration
  • Easy dapp integration

The next evolution in DEXes

Written from scratch in Rust, Astroport combines the best pieces of six years of development on the Ethereum blockchain and delivers it on Terra.

It supports two liquidity pool types:

  • Uniswap’s Constant Product formula pools
  • Curve’s StableSwap Invariant formula pools

It’s backwards compatible with Terraswap message formats and features and a next-generation user interface.

Where traders and LPs meet

The marketplace never closes on Astroport. Anyone can set up a merchant stall by supplying liquidity in one of two pools. Then, anyone else can trade against those tokens at any time.

LPs earn fees. And at launch, they can provide liquidity to earn ASTRO, too. Since all of Astroport’s liquidity lives in smart contracts, it’s programmable.

Other Terra-based dapps can integrate Astroport liquidity directly into their platforms. That means traders throughout the Terra ecosystem always have access to your liquidity.

Astroport brings liquidity to Terra tokens from all parts of the galaxy.

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Astroport. The future of trading.